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About 1,500 visitors, lots of discussions, presentations and lectures. And racksnet® right in the middle. As an exhibitor anyway and as a speaker at Speakers Corner.

Fortunately, just in time – our new exhibition equipment arrived. Pallet look. Just the way we wanted it. After all, we are a startup! So always stay relaxed, the others can be stiff! But before getting paid there is always the work. So we’re doing a test run. See what fits.

Also typical: on D-Day time is usually quite short. Therefore: “The early bird catches the worm…” That’s what Jutta, my wife and my clearly better half in marketing thought. Thanks to the plug-in system the assembly was quickly completed the day before. A final picture for the team at home and off we went.

Next day. D-Day! First appearance of racksnet® in pallet look. And people really liked it. Of course I was totally happy. But more important than that: lots of good conversations with lots of interesting people again.

In any case, we can say that our product is and will continue to be a highly explanatory product. It’s just not an app for getting pizzas. But it is going in the right direction. People came especially to get to know us. Therefore at this point – greet “Eric” in Finland! If you want to roll out your “Edge Network” sometime, we would be happy to support you.

Our image-clip was ready in time. And I couldn’t resist to play it at the end of our presentation in the Speakers Corner. Okay, we have highly exceeded our time window. Sorry, Jan Oliver! But, your face as a host was just wonderful!

TTop! The whole event was great. We’ll be back – next year.