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Component 5: racksnet® SDN-Controller

With the racksnet® SDN controller you benefit from the fastest way to automation

As an integrated part of the racksnet® SDN automation solution, the racksnet® SDN controller controls the exchange of your network configuration data. Southbound it communicates with your routers, switches or access points. Northbound, it is connected to the cloud or private cloud (on premise). There, in the cloud, sits the central software engine that processes your config parameters coming from the drag & drop whiteboard GUI.

Visibility and Transparency

With racksnet® you organize all your tasks in a central spot, individually for each location

No matter if you have to manage and automate one or multiple IT infrastructures, the intelligent multi-controller architecture of the racksnet® Network Automation Software enables you to manage your distributed IT sites 24/7 from anywhere.

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Confident, reliable and fast

Single-Site or Multi-Site Management - with your vController you have full control over each of your networks

To configure and deploy your config standards in your infrastructure, you only need a singular vController (e.g. server VLAN, DMZ. This controller maintains the connection between the network infrastructure and the cloud or software engine. It distributes commands and policies to the devices assigned to it. This ensures clear structures and processes as well as less data traffic.

With the racksnet® SDN controller, you have a complete overview and can intervene whenever it is necessary. No matter what tasks you want to perform: the provision of VLANs, ACLs, routing, port tagging or device monitoring.