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racksnet® gains 
Top 100 Red Herring Award!

On April 29, 2020 Red Herring selected racksnet® from a circle of over 1,200 candidates as one of the 100 most important companies in Europe.


Worldwide unique

The world's first Open Networking automation that works completely vendor independent.

The cloud-based network automation solution from racksnet® offers more efficiency, faster scalability and significant cost reduction than any other solution worldwide. On top of that, the racksnet® software provides more security and quality in your network infrastructure.

But what is really unique about the racksnet® software is that it is the world’s first software featuring the first open network multi-vendor technology.

Trends & Developments

Global IT networking challenges

The whole world is talking about autonomous driving. However, in order to make this work, not only the driving systems and processes must be safely automated, but also the infrastructures behind them, so that all kind of different information flows through all kind of different networks and can still be processed without errors.

Automation is one of the biggest challenges that you as a network manager will have to face in the coming years and there is no doubt that we all have to overcome a number of hurdles in the meantime. We will support you with that.

Through proprietary CLI scripting vendors are preventing the expansion of low-priced network solutions

New technologies are flooding the IT environment at high speed and the innovation dynamics are accelerating further

The continuous deployment of apps across all areas of life and work is adding further pressure on our IT networks

About 50 percent of all network failures are due to human error, which is not surprising considering manual CLI scripting

Digitalisation and the increasing networking of previously analogue sectors are increasing the risk of confusion

In order to control increasing complexity in the future, companies are investing in expensive and time-consuming training

Defense against cyber attacks will remain a major challenge; Increasing networks need more security

Wide range of applications

Multi-vendor and open networking prepare your IT network for any challenge.

Whether in the WAN, campus, data center or IoT. With racksnet® Multi-Vendor Open Networking technology, your employees manage any network quickly, securely and reliably.

Small Business


Service- & Production Companies: <100 Employees

Large Enterprises


IT-System Houses & Consultancies, Service- and Production Companies: <1.000 Employees

Large Enterprises

Enterprises & Organisations >1.000 Employees

It’ s your choice:
racksnet® network automation as
Single or multi-site solution

You decide which solution suits your organization. Do you manage only one location centrally or do you manage several locations worldwide?

Single Site Solution

For small and medium-sized enterprises with only one campus network

The more complex the IT network, the higher the risk of error. The Port Setting Wizard checks for possible port errors during the configuration…

Multi Site Solution

For medium and large enterprises with distributed network infrastructure

The cloning function does not simply copy your network infrastructure, it ensures a complete duplication of the original, including all existing device configurations.

For instant results:
The top functions of the racksnet® software

Discover the various possibilities and functions that racksnet® offers you for your IT network organization.

vendor migration

Worldwide unique: The migration of vendors and device series

Vendor Migration ensures complete independence from your device manufacturers. Because racksnet® manages all major vendors.

3rd party integration

Automation of 3rd party applications

Via APIs, racksnet® also enables the completely effortless automation of user or desktop applications

Port Setting Wizard

Error-free connection with the Port Setting Wizard

The more complex the IT network, the higher the risk of error. The Port Setting Wizard checks for possible port errors during the configuration…

network cloning

Ready for immediate use. Error-free provisioning of additional network capacity at a push of a button

The cloning function does not simply copy your network infrastructure, it ensures a duplication of the original, including the existing device configurations.

inventory scanning

Always know what happens - when, where and why

An inventory scan of your infrastructure provides you and your team with more security in managing and automating your IT tasks.

New ways, new possibilities

Why multi-vendor and open networking can dramatically accelerate your business

Open Networking is the future! For many years, the networking industry has been annoying its customers with proprietary systems and an unflexible vendor lock-in. Hardware, software, processors and system architectures were always offered as a complete package, unable to communicate with products of other vendors.
With Open Networking this has changed fundamentally. For the benefit of your business.

Best prospects for new opportunities

Why racksnet® is essential for your business

Unlike conventional vendors, racksnet® uses Open Networking to break completely new ground and free your hardware from the annoying vendor lock-in. This is why racksnet® is the first manufacturer to offer you the opportunity to automate recurring work steps and procedures securely, easily and quickly; regardless of the vendor, device types and applications used in your IT. No other vendor offers you such an independence while simultaneously reducing your costs.

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