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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our automation solution. Clearly structured in the areas of technology, system/operating requirements, efficiency, costs and contacts.




What is Open Networking?

Open Networking is the approach to solve current and future network challenges in a more flexible and cost-effective way. Traditionally, network equipment suppliers have only offered closed systems (hardware and software from the same manufacturer). Open Networking describes the method of decoupling the hardware (e.g. switches) from their software (the network operating system).

The main aim of Open Networking is to break the previously prevailing vendor lock-in, i.e. the lock-in to a single network equipment supplier, and to give companies the freedom to decide how to automate important network tasks.

How does racksnet® multi-vendor networking differ from conventional networking? What makes it different or even better?

Unlike conventional networking, where companies typically run their network infrastructure with one or maybe two vendors, multi-vendor networking allows you to easily manage devices from multiple vendors. This gives the customer the freedom to design the network and leads to a broad Open Networking approach. The racksnet® software is already capable of recording and processing the scripts of most professional providers.

Unlike most conventional vendors, the multi-vendor solution of racksnet® does not require the configuration data entered at the CLI level and instead offers a uniform and modern graphical user interface for all use cases. This considerably reduces the risk of incorrect entries when using the multi-vendor networking solution from racksnet®, which in turn increases system stability and fast provision of urgently needed network resources.


Which vendors and devices are currently managed by the racksnet® software?

At the moment the software manages the network devices of all major vendors like DELL EMC, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei etc. A detailed overview of the manufacturers and device series can be found in the product data sheet, which you can also download here as a PDF. PDF downloaden.


Does the process of automation always have to run via a cloud?

Yes, because the racksnet® software is a typical “Software as a Service”, which you use either with a suitable browser (see list of suitable browsers) or in our app (we recommend using Google Chrome).

The processing of your network configurations that you have assigned by Drag & Drop into the App will then take place in the racksnet® Cloud. Only those text characters that perform a configuration command are transferred to the cloud. This in turn reduces the amount of data transferred to a minimum so that there are no noticeable latencies in operational work.

In addition, the cloud offers you the security of being able to carry out your network automation at any time and independent of your location or input device.


Can the racksnet® software also be used on-premise?

Yes, although this means the user loses the advantages of the cloud in terms of location independence, racksnet® offers an on-premise or hybrid solution.

What does SDN-Controller mean? What is this device used for?

Unlike conventional management consoles, the racksnet® solution does not require each device to communicate individually with the cloud. Our software is designed to allow your network devices to send all configuration data to a virtual controller (controller software), which then aggregates the data from all devices and forwards it to the cloud for processing. This not only saves time in implementation, but also increases the overview in your network infrastructure.

How secure are my company data?

Absolutely secure. Because we don’t see what kind of data you are passing through your network. We just help you make sure that your data gets to where it’s supposed to go. We do this by giving you the opportunity to configure your own hardware to meet your requirements without any in-depth specialist knowledge. No more, but also no less.


Are there any templates available in the software which I can use as a guide for automation?

We don’t want you to waste valuable time automating your network. That’s why we have packed typical application scenarios into numerous templates that you can use immediately or easily adapt to your needs if desired.

By the way, our software also offers you the possibility to import and use your own and practice-proven Playbooks.

Can I also manage or automate my current networks with the racksnet® software?

Yes, under certain conditions. E.g. that the devices within your network are listed in our device database, which is regularly updated. For an up-to-date overview of vendors and devices, please refer to the product data sheet, which you can also download here as a PDF.

System/Operating requirements


Is a tablet required to operate the software?

The Drag & Drop software can be operated by tablet as well as by a computer. You can even use the application with a smartphone, although this is less recommended due to the size of the screen.

Do I need any special knowledge to operate the software?

Yes and no. During the development of the software we have paid special attention to make it intuitively easy to use for our customers. This in turn led to the clearly designed graphical user interface, with which all kinds of network devices can now be operated via drag & drop. Even for the management of complex networks, a common network system know-how is sufficient.


Economic aspects


How quickly can I install the service?

From a technical point of view, the racksnet® solution takes only a few minutes to be installed and set up. As soon as the virtual controller is added to your network, it can, for example, analyse your network infrastructure with an initial inventory scan and display it for further processing.


From what size (company size, number of network devices) is it reasonable for me to use the racksnet® software?

If you manage more than five network devices professionally, it is worth considering the use of an automation solution. The enormous simplification of otherwise complex configuration processes and the associated time saving, e.g. when setting up new workstations which are connected to the Internet, is only one of many advantages which the racksnet® software offers.


What does this mean: With the racksnet® solution I can become independent from my current network provider?

SDN and Open Networking are part of the worldwide increasing trend to use smart software solutions to detach from the hardware layer. And this in turn provides more flexibility and independence from the usually proprietary solutions of conventional hardware vendors.


For what kind of network the racksnet® software is particularly suitable?

Due to its modular design, the racksnet® software can be optimally adapted to your network infrastructure.

racksnet® offers you the full functional scope of services for many requirements, with top performance, stability and security.

Currently, you can control a large number of campus devices with our software. We will soon be releasing a number of WAN and data center devices. Further information on devices and vendors that can be managed with our software can be found in our data sheet.






How do we calculate the costs of using the software?

The costs are calculated per license per device per month. This means that you only pay for the number of devices you are going to configure and manage with our software.


What additional costs, e.g. for training, will I have to pay?

None. Because using the software is very easy. Unless you have a basic need for advice.

What are the average cost savings for companies using the racksnet® solution?

The racksnet® solution enables you to achieve significant cost savings compared to conventional network solutions. Especially when replacing or buying new devices, you can easily save more than 50-75% of the investment costs, firstly because white or bright label devices can be used and secondly because configuration and migration can be done much faster. Costs for expensive vendor-specific training and certification are completely eliminated, as all types of networks can be securely installed, configured and managed by any skilled network technician.


When I sign the license agreement for using the racksnet® software, do I enter into any obligation beyond the pure license fee?

No. The pricing model is clear and simple. You do not enter into any obligation beyond the license fees. You do not have to conclude any service flat rates or purchase specific hardware. You only pay the license fees for the number of devices and vControllers you want to use. That’s all.

Contact person for questions or problems


Situation: I have purchased a license and I have technical or product-specific questions

If you have already purchased a license, please contact We will be happy to answer all questions according to our SLA.