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Education is the strongest driver for tomorrow’s knowledge

People have always been driven to great ideas and innovations by curiosity, creativity and inspiration. But inspiration only meets the prepared mind. A broad scope of knowledge and the ability to implement that knowledge in practice are part of society’s core capital. Especially in times when people have to teach and learn in unusual environments, IT and its networks are becoming more and more important.

Campus, WAN, IoT and DC infrastructures

With regard to education in particular, IT cannot be allowed to have any gaps

With the easy-to-use management solution from racksnet® you avoid many problems that often arise in daily operation. Reduce the risk of errors, e.g. due to incorrect port settings or even the complete breakdown of your network, e.g. due to incorrect inputs at CLI.

racksnet® offers you an all-in-one solution with functions that allow you to perform 360° network management and automate complex, time-consuming tasks. Learners and teachers can thus concentrate entirely on their content-related work.

About Software

There is a great dependence on digitization, and every day this dependence becomes stronger, not least because digitization is being promoted politically. Whether at school, university or in business, properly functioning networks are the backbone of our education systems.

Stefan HackerChief Development Officer racksnet gmbH

Advantages of network automation with racksnet®

Reduce potential risks of attack on your organization by standardizing and automating your network

Simplify increasing complexity

The continuing flood of new technologies and their ongoing interconnection with a wide variety of applications is causing ever faster growth in complexity. At the same time, the risk of losing the overview increases for IT teams, especially in campus networks. Today, students use estimated three to four IT devices on average - even at the university - which in turn leads to considerable administrative challenges in the university network in terms of performance and security.

Ensure better documentation 

Campus networks often have many hundreds of proprietary solutions in use. It is not unusual for applications and devices to be insufficiently documented, which not only makes troubleshooting difficult, but also limits the possibilities for standardization. With Inventory Scanning, racksnet® takes care of the important documentation of your current network infrastructure and does so independently of the manufacturer.

Establish clear structures with standards

Weakly documented configs and the absence of standards are just as problematic for your network as targeted attacks from outside. After all, structures that require explanation cost time and hinder productivity. With automation standards, you not only reduce these risks, you also increase your performance and protect yourself against the risk of downtimes.

Solution Guideline:

Why you should automate with racksnet® right now

Solution Guide Education

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