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Network Cloning

Integrate a new device or a new building into the company network? No problem with Network Cloning.

With two mouse clicks you can put your new devices or even a new building into operation – fast and error free.

Network cloning with racksnet®: How it works


Step 1

Select the parts of your network infrastructure that you want to clone.

Step 2

Now activate the "Cloning" function. The software does not simply copy the formal configuration or the network structure, it also takes over all corporate policy settings of the devices.
The difference

Cloning instead of copying

Unlike copying individual device configurations, cloning ensures that the entire network infrastructure, including all configurations, is duplicated across your vendors and devices. You decide which parts of your infrastructure and your configurations should be cloned, the software will automatically care about the rest.


Provides significant time savings, e.g. when setting up new devices or network areas.


Compared to manual configuration, the risk of transmission errors is significantly reduced.


Automatically applies all compliance rules, virtually at the touch of a button for each cloned network device.


Creates new perspectives

Network cloning gives you the opportunity to create and to very rapidly run through various scenarios for your network. And even when commissioning new IT locations or providing new network resources, your team now needs significantly less time than using conventional solutions. And that in turn not only relieves your budget, but also eliminates potential sources of error due to misconfiguration.

Want to see how it works?

During the live demo you will get to know our product without obligation – and us! In this context, we will also be happy to advise you on the optimal use of our product in your individual environment.

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