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Component 3: Dashboard

The racksnet® Dashboard is your personal control center

The racksnet® Dashboard does not only provide you with many important functions for efficient network control, it also enables you to manage all your networks.

All information in one place

This dashboard not only shows you the status of your network components, it also gives you a view of the status of your tasks and projects

The dashboard displays all important status information about your network infrastructure. Clearly structured and in real time. It informs you, for example, about the number and status of your SDN controllers and network devices, about your network projects, the amount of your licenses and much more.

Characteristics and features of your dashboard

  • Geo-localization (world map) when you enter addresses for your locations
  • Multi-Tenancy and Role Based Access Control (Multi-Tenancy and Role Based Access Control)
  • Audit Trail (storage of all config changes)
  • Controller and Device Health Monitoring
  • E-mail Notification (as soon as defined thresholds are reached)
  • Pool License Management (flexible licensing)
  • Intelligent search functions (e.g. by device name, MAC and IP addresses)
  • Configuration Backup Planning
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