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The health of your network is a top priority

Only those who are healthy and in top shape can deliver top performance. This applies not only to patients and employees in the healthcare sector, but also to sensitive IT systems. With racksnet® Multi-Vendor Network Automation Software, you can ensure a stable, secure and high-performance network infrastructure. This allows you to concentrate on the activities that serve the care and health of your patients.

Advantages of network automation with racksnet®

Be ready today for the challenges of tomorrow

Controlling diversity with automation

In order to be able to meet the high requirements in wide-ranging and complex campus networks at all times, you need to automate tasks. Only with reliable standards and an automation solution that works independently of vendors can you still manage the multitude of different devices in a campus network reliably.

Ensure actuality with automation

Mobility is also indispensable in stationary operations. Data follows patients from department to department. It is therefore all the more important for hospital and rehabilitation staff to be able to access the correct and latest patient data at any time and from any location. Automation ensures the necessary reliability of data and at the same time frees up time for new resources.

Increase productivity with automation

IT networks in clinics are affected by a wide range of requirements. Separation of productive networks and patient WLAN, resilience, power supply and much more. The racksnet® automation solution makes it much easier for you to provide employees, visitors and patients with a reliable network at all times. And it also gives the security aspect of your organization a strong basis.

About Software

The Corona pandemic has given a major boost to digitization, especially in the healthcare sector. However, risks such as patient data leaks and the risk of cyber attacks are also increasing.

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When every second counts

Reliable clinical and laboratory networks are essential

With the easy to use management solution of racksnet® you avoid configuration problems as they can occur in daily practice of clinics and other medical facilities, such as:

  • Incorrect port setting (e.g. computer tomographs or VoIP connection)
  • IP address conflicts (e.g. no alarm in intensive care units)
  • Hardware downtime (e.g., telephone system)
  • Overloaded or jammed network (e.g., live streaming in sleep labs)
  • Malware or cyber attack from the network
  • Notification of critical care capacity (e.g., Covid-19)
Solution Guideline:

Why you should automate with racksnet® right now

Solution Guide Healthcare

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