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Information and resources

In this section you will find more information about racksnet® automation software for download as well as access to interesting sources and resources:

  • Webinars (coming soon) and tutorials
  • Datasheets, Solution Overviews, White papers
  • Use Cases
  • Studies and trends
  • Press releases


Product Info


List of vendors

Quick overview of currently supported devices and vendors

Product Datasheet

All important information in the data sheet

Simplifying Datacenter Operations with DELL Enterprise SONiC & racksnet® Network Orchestration Center

Overview Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies helps IT organizations to run their business with the innovation, automation and reliability that comes from a commercial offering of SONiC with production-ready…

Case studies


Use Case I – Medium-sized companies

Describes cost advantages using the example of medium-sized production operations

Use Case II – Production and Service

Network automation for decentralized site structure in production and service

Tutorials & Webinars


Getting Started with racksnet® Tutorials

Briefly explained: Software and entry into the world of network automation

racksnet® at treeConsults Business Hub Day ONLINE

23.04.2020, 13:00 | Business Hub Day ONLINE

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