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Component 2: Cloud

You can choose: Cloud version or On Premise

The safety of your data is a top priority for you? It is for us, too. And that’s why we offer you the solution that fits best to your compliance. No matter if in the cloud or on premise, trust is good, control is better.

Maximum security, reliability and global reach with AWS

racksnet® trusts in the certified security of Amazon Web Services

There are requirements where you simply can’t cut corners. For example, in the financial sector, or in research, or in medicine. With racksnet®, you can adapt your automation and management solution entirely to your company’s needs.

Even in cloud mode, racksnet® offers you a secure, certified and, thanks to the connection to AWS, reliable infrastructure with global coverage. And the seamless integration of state-of-the-art cloud technology and innovative automation software opens up a user experience that no other automation product can offer you in this form today.

Pioneering the future

racksnet® opens the window to Open Networking

With racksnet® the future is already built in. Because the software also orchestrates the future interaction of Open Networking hardware or Brite-Box solutions with operating systems such as Pluribus, Sonic, Cumulus or Pica 8. As a result, you not only gain the innovation advantages of tomorrow today, but also save all the time and cost advantages that arise through the use of Open Networking.