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racksnet® joins the Open Networking Foundation

By 12. August 2020August 17th, 2020No Comments
12 August 2020

By joining the ONF, racksnet® strengthens the global trend towards increased vendor independence

The ONF was founded 2011 in menlo park (California) by global players such as Google, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom. The consortium is driving forward the establishment of open standards for network infrastructures. ONF is thus sending a clear signal against the proprietary systems that have long dominated conventional network equipment suppliers.

Today, the Open Networking Foundation has over 100 international cooperation partners and members – such as Cisco Systems, Intel, DELL EMC, NTT Group, China Mobile, Verizon.

By joining ONF, racksnet® is now internationally at the forefront of a disruptive development in the networking business. As a result of this process new technologies and business models will emerge.

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Press Release
racksnet® joins the ONF

Press Contact:
Jorg Junghans
VP Marketing & PR
racksnet GmbH | Königsteiner Str. 20 A | 65812 Bad Soden
Phone: +49(0)176/42736837

Further information:
racksnet GmbH
Königsteiner Str. 20 A
65812 Bad Soden
Phone: +49(0)176/42736837

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