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racksnet® Academy | Office 365 Training

A huge advantage of Office 365 is the possibility to work simultaneously on documents in a team. This is a top solution for us, because our development team works at a different location. Hence, it makes sense to coordinate our work and development processes well from the very beginning. And this includes collaborative working.

On the last day before Christmas, it happened. Introduction to Office 365: How does it work – Sharepoint, One Drive, Outlook, Teams & Co? 

Nine hours of full concentration! But at the end, smarter than before. However – also a lot of smoke and buzzing in the brain. 

Hero of the day was Daniel. He and his company Collabofact are certified Microsoft partners and also our partner – in terms of ICT solutions. Daniel’s people are constantly training topics that are supposed to improve their teamwork. Well, I would say: successful. Because while I’m writing this post here, this article automatically synchronizes to my shared sharepoint folder. So my teammates can also read what I write here and vote whether it will be published. 

And the fact that you can read this article shows that my guys found it okay. Hurray! Hooray for the cooperation!