racksnet® Network Automation Software:

The racksnet® software includes all functions for an easy, fast and secure network automation.

You enter your network configuration settings and automation data simply by drag & drop on the clearly structured user interface on the whiteboard. We take care of the rest. Because all parameters and operations run in the secure environment of the cloud.

Regardless of the network and device structure of your company, whether it includes devices from Cisco, DELL EMC, Hewlett Packard or Huawei – the graphical user interface is the same for all devices. The racksnet® software works with all major manufacturers.


Network Config Manager

Config Manager with whiteboard as control centre. Planning of your network infrastructure. Works via drag & drop. Vendor independent and cloud based.


Template- & Playbook-Manager

Includes many templates for standard configurations. Saves also your projects as a template in your personal Template Manager.


With templates you make your IT standards available to other company locations.


Net Config Documentation

Supports you in documenting your networks – automatically with every device configuration through the before and after comparison mode.


Provides more security in your network.


Net Status & Alert Manager

Monitors the operating status of your networks. Notifies you automatically about critical states or changes in the network.


Quick overview of function status with all configuration details.


Vendor Migration

Migrate your network devices to another vendor or device type if desired. With just the push of a button.


Reduces the use of expensive IT specialists. Creates new possibilities in hardware infrastructure.


Network Cloning

Enables fast cloning of complex network infrastructures, including all device settings and automation.


1:1 transfer of proven IT networks to other locations.


Top-ofthe-Rack Management

Provides insight into your rack structures (including servers, storages etc.). Enables the comfortable assignment and release of ports of installed devices.


More comfort in the administration and management of racks.


Inventory Locator

Provides you with a quick and complete overview of all devices in your networks including manufacturers, device types, series, IPs and firmware.


Instant overview of your entire network device inventory.


3rd Party-API

Enables you to integrate 3rd party applications (e.g. security, ticketing, UC) and to automate them.


Extends your automation possibilities even to the application level.

Application Scenarios / Use Cases

Case: Company acquisition & integration of IT into existing compliance

Problem: Different hardware suppliers at HQ and new branch. Harmonization of the IT infrastructure requires cost-intensive specialists and procedures.

Solution: racksnet® works vendor-independently and can, if desired, operate several network manufacturers in parallel or can be optionally adapted by migration to the manufacturer already in use at headquarters. The use of expensive specialists is no longer necessary and the implementation period is significantly shortened.

Case: Provision of IT resources, e.g. for new business areas or departments

Problem: Employees of a new business unit need online connection for VoIP and workstations as soon as possible. Special guidelines for cyber security apply here.

Solution: The racksnet® API can also be used to automate a UC application already in use in the company. This process now only takes a few minutes for around 200 workstations instead of several days* as was previously the case.

Case: Simplification and automation of network tasks in the data center

Problem: Increasingly complex network requirements make it more and more difficult to control operating states, and the possibilities for automation are hardly exploited.

Solution: Improved network visibility, cross-vendor automation and faster rollout of network-connected applications and storage.