Simplyfing IT-Challenges & Operations

Founded in 2017 as a startup, Racksnet GmbH is today a manufacturer and provider of cloud-based network management and automation software. Our professional products and solutions stand for security, performance, simple operation and fast scalability – depending on customer requirements.

As the only supplier worldwide, racksnet® is able to manage a wide range of network components from all market-leading manufacturers. For our customers this opens up new and expanded possibilities for planning, administering and deploying complex and global IT networks – within minutes instead of many days or weeks.

Our racksnet® solutions are used wherever complex network architectures prevail. In data centers, banks and public authorities. Or where IT costs have to be reduced sustainably and existing resources have to be used more efficiently, i.e. in classic medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Management Team:
German Engineering and foresighted Creativity

Minh La

Dipl. Ing. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

25 years in the IT industry.

Over 16 years with Cisco Systems as System Engineer and Senior IT Consultant responsible for DAX companies.

Numerous international awards and industry certifications.

At racksnet® responsible for corporate strategy and for strategic partners and investors.

N. Ahmad Basit

Data Center Architect (studied at TU Darmstadt) with 17 years of experience (data center, networks, IT security). 

Previous employments at Cisco Systems, Johnson Controls, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. 

Focus: Network Automation, Data Center and Cloud. 

Highest HP certification MASE (Master ASE), ITILv3, RSA and Cisco Certified Networking Professional & Firewall Specialist. 

At racksnet® Responsible for cut-through technologies and innovations at racksnet. 

Stefan Hacker

Master of Science (M. Sc.) TU Darmstadt. 

Collaboration in Europe-wide research projects of TU Darmstadt. 

Focus: Cloudbased automation systems, software-defined networking, Linux. 

At racksnet® central contact person for platform development (APP/GUI development and support as well as controller, databases, operating system). 

Jorg Junghans
(VP Marketing & PR)

Marketing Professional,
Communication Manager, Brand Manager.

Most recently Head of Global Marketing of a Swiss World Market Leader.

Executive Marketing Consultant in Automotive Industry (e.g. Audi, VW, Mitsubishi Motors). 

Seven years Managing Director of an Consulting Company.

At racksnet® responsible for Marketing, Corporate Identity, Brand Strategy, PR.

Holger Merz
(VP Finance & IR)

Dipl. Wirt-Ing. 

Set-up of a recycling start-up listed on the stock exchange. Managing Direction of the production plant and project management for building up the USA location.

Previously head of organizational and personnel development in the IT industry and consultant for strategic innovation management and human resources.

At racksnet® responsible for finance and investor relations.