Our product solution secures valuable IT resources for you
for your future cloud business

The racksnet® Network Automation Cloud Service, (NACS) is a cloud based, fully automated network management software. Compared to conventional solutions, it simplifies the configuration and management of your IT networks many times over.
As the only network automation software worldwide, it masters all common device languages, e.g. from Cisco, HPE, Huawei, Cumulus Linux etc. This makes it suitable for use in complex multi-vendor networks.

racksnet® Key Features

Standardized interfaces (NETCONF, REST, SNMP, OPENFLOW, PYTHON, etc.) offer a great flexibility in planning, configuring and deploying high-performance network infrastructures and they provide sufficient buffers for future requirements.

Multivendor Network Automation
Design, plan and deploy your network with our industry-leading Whiteboard App;
Zero Touch Deployment, Multivendor Configurations (e.g. Cisco, HPE, Cumulus Linux etc)
Network Vendor Migration
Cloning of Devices, Migration from vendor “A” to “B”
Template Based Policies
Global Templates, Port Setting Templates etc
Server and Storage Rack View, Automatic Switch Port Configurations “Follow the server”
Network Inventory Scan
Vendor, Firmware Version, Serial No, IP-Adress, MAC etc.
Config Backup
Download Config, Config Comparisson
CPU, Health, Environment etc

racksnet® NACS helps you to reduce your network operating costs significantly. And the application is easy to use. All you need to manage your network is a tablet with Internet access. The racksnet® software comes with a variety of intuitive Easy-to-Use solutions to help you get the job done quickly, easily and securely.

No matter what your task, the cross-product and cross-manufacturer technology of our software supports you in every respect.

racksnet® solution