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Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies helps IT organizations to run their business with the innovation, automation and reliability that comes from a commercial offering of SONiC with production-ready enterprise feature enhancements, hardening and global support targeted for demanding data center leaf and spine fabrics.

racksnet® cloud-based network automation and management solution gives users the ability to visualize, orchestrate, configure and automate their SONiC PowerSwitch infrastructure at low cost and with greatly reduced complexity. The intuitive drag & drop GUI can also be used with no specialist knowledge.

Benefits for Dell Enterprise SONiC with racksnet®

Fig: Dell Spine & Leaf Fabric with racksnet Network Automation
  • Unified GUI – Simplifies the daily operations (Port changes, config changes for Multi Platform (SONiC + OS10) and other network vendors.
  • Inventory Scanning – Detects networking devices and essential information throughout the en- tire network architecture like HW models, SW versions, serial numbers. Knows which devices are deployed all over the locations and countrys.
  • Pre-defined templates – No More CLI configurations required, racksnet offers pre-defined Tem- plates for all Dell Platforms (SONiC + OS10 + OS6).
  • Zero Touch Provisioning – Ensures all major Dell platforms are up and ready within minutes via the Zero-Touch Auto Configuration. No manual intervention needed. Customer sites can be made operational quickly.
  • Support for multi-vendor environments – Customers can manage multiple vendors within the same environment (eg. SONiC, DELL, HPE, Cisco, Huawei) using a single user interface
  • Migration – Legacy Switches and Network Operating Systems can easily be migrated to Dell platforms (SONiC or OS10) at the push of a Button
  • Real time notification to admin when there is a cristical alarm, event or devices health.
  • Reduce operational costs by (reducing deployment errors and education for mullti vendor).
  • Ensure corporate standards for configuration, compliance and security.
  • Automate, deploy and manage with Dell Enterprise SONiC on PowerSwitch infrastructures:
    • Z-series: Z9264F-ON,Z9332F-ON,Z9432F-ON
    • S-series: S5212F-ON,S5224F-ON,S5232F-ON,S5248F-ON,S5296F-ON
    • N-series: N3248TE-ON,N3248PXE/X-ON

racksnet® Network Orchectration Center

  • No Code, cloud-based automation & management solution (SaaS)
  • One unified GUI for all kind of IT Network devices and common vendor
  • racksnet translates between the common vendors – cross vendor auto